"Everything But the Bird" Returns!

Ellerbe will prepare "everything but the bird" for your Thanksgiving Day feast. Order your Thanksgiving sides and desserts from Ellerbe, leaving more time for you to enjoy your family and friends. Please place your order by Friday, November 21.

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Fresh and Seasonal Ingredients

Ellerbe Fine Foods highlights the freshest local and seasonal ingredients in its elegant, innovative, farm-to-table cuisine. Our menus vary frequently to assure garden-fresh ingredients.

Ellerbe Fine Foods is sensitive to the needs of vegetarians, vegans and those with other specific diets and restrictions. There is always a daily vegetarian special available, and we are able to accommodate almost anyone’s dietary concerns. Any advanced notice for special requests would be greatly appreciated.

Prices and menu items are subject to change due to availability from our local farmers and regional purveyors.

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